The Structured Player vs. Player arenas of Guild Wars 2 attract a lot of players and have been an enduringly popular game mode. Keep reading to see what people are doing with every class for PvP. The Herald Power Shiro. The Revenant is the newest class added to GW2 and in PvP the community has settled largely on Shiro the legend as a source of direct damage for dueling. Each legend, of course, comes with its own utility skills. Rangers exist to bring their pets and deliver damage and control to the battlefield.

This build uses the Druid powers and traits to become very difficult to kill while using pets and bow to deliver damage. The Holosmith Converter build. Most people who play PvP and have met an Engineer on the field discover that they are very hard to kill. As a result, this build centers on that by using Holosmith skills and the ability to convert conditions into boons — this means that they stay longer and hit harder.

The Mirage Chaos Duelist build. A Mesmer on the battlefield in PvP means sewing confusion and discord with conditions and clones. Much of the outgoing damage from this build comes from Confusion stacks coupled with shattering clones. The Fire Weaver PvP build. In PvP Elementalists can output a great deal of massive AoE damage and this build uses that to the hilt by making the Weaver specialization into a strong duelist.

Its focus is condition damage and using that to spike down opponents who cannot get out of the way, while also enabling the player to chase them down or get away. The Necromancer Terrormancer build. This Necromancer build focuses heavily on condition damage and boon removal, in PvP it acts as a sort of extreme attrition against the enemy by supplying a lot of condition damage very fast.

Using the Terror trait a Terrormancer can spread the Fear condition which acts as a powerful CC and this causes it to also inflict damage.


Most of the condition pressure will come from boon corruption — Stability turns into Fear and Might into Weakness. All this coupled with combos from Necromancer Shroud burst rotations will burn enemies down.The broken weapons of the Sunspears have become daggers in the hands of their descendants, which they use to strike at the very fabric of magic and strip it from their foes. They meditate to see past their enemies' defenses, and they use their adrenaline to counter attacks.

Minor Adept Spellbreaker's Conviction Maximum adrenaline is capped at 2 bars, and only level 1 bursts are available. Gain access to the Full Counter burst and Meditation skills. Major Adept Pure Strike Deal increased critical-hit damage. This bonus is doubled against boonless foes. Major Adept No Escape Dazes and stuns inflict immobilize. Minor Master Dispelling Force Dazesstunspullsknockdownsknockbacksand launches remove boons. Major Master Loss Aversion Removing boons from a foe deals damage and gives you adrenaline.

Only occurs once per interval. Off Hand— Heal for a percent of your outgoing critical damage. Full Counter refreshes all burst skills on hit. Disables include stundazeknockbackpullknockdownsinkfloatlaunchtaunt and fear. Major Grandmaster Enchantment Collapse 1 Removing a boon from a foe causes all nearby foes to lose additional boons. Copy conditions on yourself to targets you hit with Full Counter. Major Grandmaster Magebane Tether Hitting with a burst skill casts Magebane Tether on your target if they are within range.

Full Counter. Absorb the next attack against you and counterattack all foes around you.

Warrior Guide

Foes struck by the counter attack are interrupted. Breaching Strike. Strike your target and remove boons. Precise Cut.

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Strike your foe. This attack deals increased critical damage. Focused Slash. This attack has increased critical-hit damage.Warriors are masters of weaponry who rely on speed, strength, toughness, and heavy armor to survive in battle. Adrenaline fuels their offensive power—the longer warriors stay in a fight, the more dangerous they become.

Adrenaline is the warrior's unique profession mechanic.

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As a warrior attacks, adrenaline is built up and can be spent on a powerful burst attack. Each weapon set has a single burst skill, which has a variety of different conditions that become more powerful depending on how much adrenaline the warrior has built up.

Adrenaline has three power levels, each increasing the effect of the current weapon set's burst skill. More adrenaline can also provide the warrior with other improvements like increased damage or health regeneration, as shown in the skill's tooltip.

gw2 warrior spellbreaker build

Warriors also have the highest selection of weapons to choose from compared to other professions, giving a good variety of play-styles to choose from.

Like the other two soldier professions, guardian and revenantwarriors wear heavy armorwhich grants them high defense. To compensate for the warrior's lack of healing abilities, however, warriors have a much higher base health. See list of warrior skills. See list of warrior traits.

Spellbreaker's Dagger

The warrior is a soldier profession and thus wears heavy armor. There are 19 possible terrestrial weapon sets available to the warrior profession and two aquatic sets. The warrior can equip and alternate between two weapon sets, but, as with other professions, doing so in combat induces a short recharge to prevent continuous switching between weapons.

This recharge can be decreased by equipping the Fast Hands trait once it is learned. The following crafting disciplines can be used to create items that are useful to the warrior:.

In the biography step of character creationwarriors must decide which article of clothing they wear on the battlefield to be respected, choosing from either of two helms or a pair of pauldrons. Warriors are the bread-and-butter of the various armies throughout Tyria.

They have long been masters of weaponry, preferring to eschew magic in favor of raw physical prowess. Amongst human warriors, Balthazar has often been worshipped as their patron god.

This article is about the profession. For other uses, see Warrior disambiguation. The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Warrior. Category : Warrior. Spangenhelm "a spangenhelm" — My spangenhelm intimidates my enemies and inspires respect among my allies. I am nearly invincible when I wear it. Galea "a galea" — My helm is open-faced so that my enemies can see my face and look me in the eyes.

They will remember who defeated them. No Helm "no helm at all" — A true warrior doesn't need a helm! My enemies will cringe and falter when they see the fearless determination on my face.Winds of Disenchantment is mostly used for the projectile destruction and the massive lightning field.

Why do you run Furious on a non-Condi spec? I would probably Pure Strike. Signet Mastery would probably be better than Opportunist. Again I see what you're going for but - dat 1min Ferocity bonus. This is my current build I constantly have 25 stacks of might and so do my allies I built a spell breaker to play phalanx support. FYI I believe you can ditch the paralyzation on either your mace or shield I don't believe they stack. Don't you have a bit too many pieces of assassins gear?

Well that's odd, it gave me a completely different build last time. If i can ask Wouldn't say by this comment you made a mistake, just trying to understand your choices Be sure I appreciate this build and gonna test it asap! Thx for your reply. Thank you!

gw2 warrior spellbreaker build

September 23, in Warrior. September 23, edited September 23, Please Anet give us a hide Chest Armour-option.

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Tattoo-clad Norns everywhere beg of you. This is my open world Spellbreaker build I've been enjoying a ton in the desert. September 23, October 2, Red Haired Savage. October 3, October 18, October 20, edited October 20, October 20, November 2, You will be signed out in 60 seconds due to inactivity.

Click here to continue using the site. Follow Us:. All rights reserved.Spellbreakers or spell breakers are a blood elf unit that excel at battling caster units. They are produced at the blood elf arcane sanctum. From Spell Breaker at Battle. While they were already few in number to begin with, the ranks of this formidable fighting force were thinned drastically when their headquarters on the Isle of Quel'Danas was overwhelmed by Kael'thas Sunstrider and his Burning Legion forces.

The lone squad that remains now exists as a relic of a bygone era, as the spellbreakers have refrained from training any new recruits since Kael'thas's betrayal. In more recent times, Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron himself ordered a revitalization of spellbreaker training, leading to a resurgence of spellbreakers among the blood elves' ranks.

Lor'themar Theron fielded a regiment of spellbreakers during the Horde campaign in Pandaria. Spellbreakers proved an invaluable defense force in Krasarang Wilds[3] and serve as sentries as part of the Sunreaver Onslaught. The deadly, two-bladed swords of the spellbreakers strike fear in the hearts of wizards and sorcerers.

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The blood elves' elite warriors employ these frighteningly effective weapons to execute outlawed spellcasters, necromancers and other evil practitioners of magic. This blood-elven two-bladed sword is the bane of any evil spellcaster. The blades can cast globe of invulnerability when spun, and can make casters forget spells. The powers of the spellbreaker are terrifying to those with knowledge of magic, for their blows shatter the mana from a spellcaster's body. The Monster Guide makes reference to spellbreakers as a class blood elves become, along with already existing classes in the Warcraft RPG.

Spell Breaker from The Frozen Throne. Spellbreaker as seen in Hearthstone.

Guild Wars 2 - Buy an Expansion or stay Free to Play? [Review 2019]

Johanna, a character from Diablousing a spellbreaker-themed skin in Heroes of the Storm. Warcraft III: Reforged unit model on the right.

Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch.You might think Warrior should be the sturdiest and most powerful class in Guild Wars 2, but you would be wrong. Despite every outward indication, the GW2 Warrior feels sluggish and underpowered. Many players struggle to find a way to make Warrior a workable class.

gw2 warrior spellbreaker build

We recommend Snow Crows buildsas these are carefully-tested and kept up to date with the current meta. Perhaps the most significant down side to the Warrior is that this class has no speed skill or boost.

Unlike every other class, the Warrior is stuck at the very slow base speed. The introduction of mounts offers a partial solution, but only for players who have the Path of Fire expansion pack. On the up side, Warrior is one of the least complicated classes to play and master. This makes it a good choice for players who are new to MMOs, and who want a class that is as simple as possible.

gw2 warrior spellbreaker build

Even so, we recommend Guardian over Warrior. The Adrenaline mechanic is unique to the Warrior class. You build up Adrenaline with attacks, and can then unleash it in a big burst attack. In practice, other classes provide better buffs to other players. This means that if your group is on the move, the banner has to be picked up and carried with you. Berserker: This specialization is fairly strong, particularly when used to leverage Burning condi damage.

April 14, Steel and Fire launches March 17 March 11, Warrior Elite Specializations Berserker: This specialization is fairly strong, particularly when used to leverage Burning condi damage. Spellbreaker: Not particularly useful. Like this: Like Loading Related GW2 Articles.

Prev Mesmer Guide. Next Elementalist Guide. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Hi all lets generate some theorycrafting for Spellbreaker builds! All game type builds are allowed, as we might be able to pick-up tips and tricks from each other. Mistakes are great to discuss also in the endeavour to save gold.

Like if some one tests out something and it fails terribly it might be worth saying hey guys and girls this just didn't work out. You all know what I mean!

What is your Spellbreaker build?

Testing is great but try and help out the community by sharing the theories and knowledge. Here was an early attempt at a power damage, boon strip and all out burst dps Spellbreaker. I hope it generates positive and constructive discussions.

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BTW all if you could please check out my Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire YouTube video, it is a general overview and discussion about the nine new elite specialisations. Thanks heaps all! Plus I can't wait to see what other people have or will come up with for the Spellbreaker. Thanks for sharing your idea. Could you link a build if you get the time. Also it doesn't seem like there are many Spellbreakers theorycrafting atm. I am interested to see what ideas others have in any game mode.

Might swap out Cleansing Ire for Last Stand but the rest feels right for now. Cave Rock. This is what I'm going with for small scale WvW. Going to abuse Might Makes Right for it's endurance gain and those unblockable dodges from the strength minor. Seems super fun. I imagine the short range on full counter is not going to be terribly useful with rifle or Long bow.

I really like some of your trait decisions and mixing up the daggers and axes. I have a question with whirling axe that is only a max damage of 6, right? Not 15 x 6,? You know i had not notice that low range of units before. It will not work as a combo for rifle or bow, by the look of it.

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